Deer Management Plan

The ELS DMG DMP Background information 2018 – 2023 (9th edition – Sept 2018) is available here
The ELS DMG DMP Action Plan Update May 2019 is available here
Group Report Spring 02.05.19 update

Working Group Reports Spring 02.05.19

Appendix 1: Updated Constitution
Appendix 2: Properties and sub-group boundaries
Appendix 3: Land cover Scotland plan
Appendix 4a: Conaglen LTFP concept plan
Appendix 4b: Conaglen LTFP potential new planting
Appendix 5: NWSS inventory
Appendix 6: Woodland creation schemes
Appendix 7: NWSS herbivore pressure
Appendix 8: Designated land boundaries
Appendix 9: SSSI condition plan
Appendix 10: Training log update 29.04.19
Appendix 11: Indicative HIA monitoring, May 19
Appendix 13: HIA log
Appendix 14: Public access facilitation

Some of the above figures have been reduced in size/scale. ForĀ  full size maps etc please contact the DMG Secretary.